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Speech-Language Pathology Assistant

Kerry originally hails from Australia (compensating for her native non-rhotic accent has sharpened her understanding of the /r/ sound) and has lived in Whitehorse for the last 30 years.  She earned her Speech Language Pathology Assistant Diploma, with Honours, from Medicine Hat College and worked as a Communication Assistant with the Department of Education for 10 years - the last two years of which she also worked part-time at Boreal Clinic.


Once her own children had all finished high school and started their adult lives, Kerry took a year leave from her government position to return to Australia and spend some time with her family there.  The year was 2020.  The "one year" leave turned into 2.5 years due to the travel difficulties of the time.  


During this time, Kerry worked in the Adult Speech and Audiology department of the Mater Hospital in Brisbane, Australia where she gained invaluable experience assisting in the treatment of adults with speech and swallowing difficulties resulting from stroke, traumatic brain injuries, and other neurological challenges.   

Returning in May of 2022, Kerry joined the Boreal team on a full-time basis.  


Kerry has always loved working with children, helping them correct articulation errors and building phonological awareness and early literacy skills.  She is a big believer in reading to children, whenever and wherever possible.  


Working at Boreal provides the opportunity to work with both children and adults which makes Kerry a very happy camper - which is another thing Kerry enjoys - camping road trips with Winnie, her VW campervan. 


Kerry is conversationally fluent in French and, of course, speaks fluent Australian. :) 

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