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Our Approach to DIR Floortime

DIR Floortime is an approach to therapy that focuses on promoting healthy development in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Fetal-Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Down's Syndrome and other developmental challenges. DIR stands for Developmental, Individual differences, Relationship-based, which emphasizes that every child is unique and their development is influenced by their individual characteristics and relationships with caregivers.


The Floortime component of DIR refers to the therapy being conducted on the child's level, typically on the floor, where the therapist engages in child-led play to build emotional connections, help develop social skills, promote language and communication, and address various developmental areas.


The therapist follows the child's interests, engaging them in back-and-forth

interactions and gradually challenging them to take more initiative and

develop their strengths. DIR Floortime aims to support and enhance a

child's emotional regulation, social communication, thinking skills, and

overall individual development by fostering a strong relationship

between children and their supporting grown-ups.

Our team of 'Floortimers' are able to provide sessions 1:1 for children

and youth, and we can also provide caregiver coaching so that the

people who are already in the child's support circle can have

Floortime-informed interactions.

"The therapist took (my son's) lead and listened to the way he uniquely communicated, figuring it out along the way. The therapist expertly guided me to do the same, to stop using words for my son. I learned with the therapist how my son communicates and can now let him make choices in our day-to-day life. This has completely changed our lives."

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