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Our Approach to  Family Counselling

Family counselling services refer to therapeutic interventions and support provided to families facing various challenges or issues. These services are aimed at addressing and resolving problems within the family unit and improving communication, relationships, and overall family functioning.

If you are finding that you and your child are having difficulties communicating with each other, that your child is struggling with school and peers, and you are looking for ways to strengthen your caregiver-child relationship, then parenting and family relational health counselling may help.

We offer strategies and tools to:

  • Prevent escalations

  • Respond as escalations occur

  • Support your child to become more cooperative with peers, and responsive to adults

  • Respond in a manner that tells your child you love them and care, while at the same time setting boundaries

Relationships with caring adults are key in a child's development and their relationships over their lifetime and we can help families to find a positive and compassionate path.

Our Approach to Individual Counselling

Individual counselling, also known as individual therapy or one-on-one therapy, is a form of therapy in which a trained therapist works with an individual to help them explore their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. It is a confidential and collaborative process in which the therapist provides support, guidance, and techniques to help the individual understand and resolve their personal and psychological challenges.


Individual counselling can address a wide range of issues including mental health concerns, relationship issues, life transitions, stress management, self-esteem, and personal growth. The goal of individual counselling is to promote self-awareness, improve coping strategies, enhance overall well-being, and achieve personal goals.

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