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Therapy Assistant (auxiliary)

Areas of Specialty/Interest:

  • I am passionate about supporting people who are non-speaking and have Complex Communication Needs (CCN)

  • I believe in multi-module communication while working on developing expressive language through the use of Augmented and Alternative Communication (AAC) to express their thoughts and ideas to whomever they want when they want



  • Brigham Young University- Teacher License K-12 Significant Disabilities

  • University of Alberta- Graduate Certificate- Teaching Students with Complex Communication Needs

  • three years of being an Educational assistant (1 Alaska, 1 Utah, 1 Whitehorse)

  • three years teaching high school students with diverse learning needs in Payson, Utah, USA

  • high school teacher with complex communication needs with a focus on developing their expressive language with AAC in Whitehorse since 2013



  • I am a born and raised Yukoner who returned in 2007 with her family to raise her two boys. You can find me on the trails throughout Whitehorse and the Southern Lakes, either walking her dog or riding her mountain bike with family and friends on the amazing trails.
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