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About Boreal Clinic

Boreal Clinic is a Whitehorse-based clinic offering family counselling, hearing, speech, language, and swallowing assessment, individual and group therapy, and consultation for children and adults in Yukon.



Hearing Services

We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with Better Hearing to provide audiology services. Check out our new hearing services and book an appointment here.


Online Hearing Test

Find out how good your hearing is in just three minutes. The online hearing test provides a  valuable estimate of your hearing ability.



Parenting & Family Relational Health Counselling Services

Are you happy with the way you and your child communicate? Do you still have fun together?


Is your child sensitive and having difficulties coping with changes, school or peers? Is she/he withdrawing or acting out at times?


Are you reduced to using threat and punishment to discipline your child?


If you want to strengthen your parent-child relationship give us a call.


Parenting skills are just that... a set of skills to be learned. We can help.


Reach out and begin the conversation, as you are not alone.


We offer strategies and tools to:


* Prevent escalations

* Respond as escalations occur 

* Support your child to become more cooperative with peers, and responsive to adults

* Respond in a manner that tells your child you love her/him and care; while at the same time setting boundaries

Contact us to learn more!


On Black Lives Matter and Racial Discrimination:

Dear Friends,


We have taken this time to reflect, learn, and listen. Now we would like to share our position on Black Lives Matter, racial discrimination, and systemic racism.


The Boreal Clinic stands by the activists of Black Lives Matter who are fighting to end racial discrimination, police brutality and systemic racism. Black Lives Matter means to us that we continue to live in a society where oppressed communities need to fight to have value and space in the world, defend this fight to others, and push to live and be treated as equal. We stand with BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) and will make changes within our clinic and ourselves to be allies in anti-racism.


Systemic racism and racial disparities exist within the Speech-Language Pathology profession. From assessment tools that are biased due to their creation using mostly White Mid-Western children, to the lack of diversity in graduate programs and in therapy materials. English dialects (First Nations English Dialect and African-American Vernacular English as examples) are treated in therapy as they are perceived to not result in academic success. Current research in the field lacks diversity of publishing and promoting BIPOC researchers and studies, BIPOC participants are too often not included in studies and discussions focus on what BIPOC can’t do rather than the resiliency of these groups. This systemic racism has caused BIPOC to be over-identified as having communication disorders.


The Boreal Clinic commits to life-long learning and allyship to dismantle systemic racism and racial inequities. We will do this by participating in professional development opportunities on cultural awareness and cultural competence, reflecting on our own practice and materials we use in therapy to ensure that they are diverse and reflect our clients, engaging and seeking partnership with local First Nations to develop programming that is relevant to their needs, including disclaimers in our report writing on the impacts of racism on our clients, and pushing our national association, Speech-Language and Audiology Canada, to work towards ending systemic racism and racial discrimination in our profession.


We will keep this conversation going, posting how we are making changes and sharing what we learn.


Your ally in anti-racism,


The Boreal Clinic Team