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Welcome to our website! 

Here, you will find information about our clinic, staff and the services we offer at Boreal Clinic

About Boreal Clinic

Boreal Clinic is a Whitehorse-based clinic offering family counselling, hearing, speech, language, and swallowing assessment, individual and group therapy, and consultation for children and adults in Yukon.

Boreal Clinic was a proud sponsor of Team H20h Dam at the First Lego League Provincial Championships March 11, 2023! Asher, Aira and Sunny did a FANTASTIC job on their creation


Our team is working hard to be an inclusive space for both clients and staff.  We invite you to provide feedback if you feel that we could make changes to our space or how we do our work so that you feel comfortable working with us.

Hearing Services


Online Hearing Test

Find out how good your hearing is in just three minutes. The online hearing test provides a  valuable estimate of your hearing ability.


We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with Better Hearing to offer services including Diagnostic Hearing Tests, Occupational Hearing Screens, Custom Hearing Protection, Hearing Aids, and more!

Parenting & Family Relational Health Counselling Services

Are you happy with the way you and your child communicate? Do you still have fun together?


Is your child sensitive and having difficulties coping with changes, school or peers? Is she/he withdrawing or acting out at times?


Are you reduced to using threat and punishment to discipline your child?


If you want to strengthen your parent-child relationship give us a call.


Parenting skills are just that... a set of skills to be learned. We can help.


Reach out and begin the conversation, as you are not alone.


We offer strategies and tools to:


* Prevent escalations

* Respond as escalations occur 

* Support your child to become more cooperative with peers, and responsive to adults

* Respond in a manner that tells your child you love her/him and care; while at the same time setting boundaries

Contact us to learn more!

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