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Our Approach to Literacy

Literacy is a person’s ability to read and write. It is the way in which we interact with the world through written and spoken communication. Literacy is crucial to academic success and essential for lifelong learning.


Skilled reading comprehension is driven by abilities in two main areas:

  • Word Recognition (decoding)

  • Language Comprehension (drawing meaning from spoken language)


Since literacy is a complex combination of many skills, it is important to identify which areas are making reading and/or writing challenging for an individual. Our team’s comprehensive assessments allow us to identify areas that are making reading and/or writing effortful for an individual.


In collaboration with caregivers and school staff, we develop intervention plans that build on students’ areas of strength, while supporting areas in need of development. Our Literacy Team uses a structured literacy approach to intervention, which is based on the science of how individuals learn to read and emphasizes explicit and systematic teaching of the key components of literacy. These components include:

  • Phonemic Awareness (learning and manipulating the sounds in spoken words)

  • Phonics (recognizing the relationship between written and spoken letters and sounds)  

  • Reading Fluency (the ability to read aloud with appropriate rate, expression, accuracy, and automaticity)

  • Vocabulary (knowledge of words and word meanings) 

  • Comprehension (the understanding and interpretation of what is read)

Our team breaks down lessons and activities into sequential, manageable steps that progress from simple to more complex concepts and skills. This builds students’ confidence as readers and writers and fosters a love for learning.

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